About Me

Hello and welcome! I’m Sacha, a proud 48-year-old dad hailing from the enchanting climes of Italy. I adore the flexibility and balance of my work-from-home lifestyle. Further sweetening my life’s mix is my beautiful Colombian wife, Silvana, and our bright bundle of joy, our 11-year-old daughter. 

What ignites my passion is the opportunity to guide others in unlocking lucrative avenues online, harmonizing work obligations with family commitments, and experiencing the unique joys of being a dad who works from home. Additionally, I revel in shedding light on my own navigations through creativity, personal development, and crafting an enriching lifestyle.  

This blog sprang from my desire to share my journey and garnered wisdom, serving as a beacon for others on their path toward realizing their goals. In my heart, I am steadfast in the belief that everyone reserves the potential to weave a life they adore. I am here, a keystroke away, ready and eager to help you orchestrate your dream life into reality.

My Story

Ever since childhood, I lived in different countries for my dad’s work. This variety helped me team with creativity. Scribbled stories, doodles, and listening to a ton of music (from Wilson Pickett to AC/DC) were my constant companions. This was coupled with a bustling entrepreneurial drive – a yearning to tread my path in the business world. 

Post-college, I found myself navigating the corporate labyrinth, hopping from one job to another. I needed change. I get bored easily. At that time the idea of a secure job was the only way to go. So it was really hard for my self-esteem.

Before long, the economic difficulties for small businesses in my country, together with the monotony of desk jobs began to weigh me down. The yearning for a work-life where I set my own rules, where freedom and flexibility weren’t just buzzwords, grew stronger. 

So, I gathered the courage to turn in my resignation and venture into the thrilling yet uncertain waters of starting an online business.

I started to freelance in digital marketing and web development. My initial steps were shaky, filled with trials and plenty of errors. Nonetheless, I was quick to learn (learning is endless), tweaking my strategies until I discovered the blueprint that worked for me. 

Fast-forward to today, I am a freelance digital marketing consultant. The privilege of being my boss, and following my schedule from the comfort of my home, is truly liberating. I can devote more time to my family and relish my hobbies. It’s a lifestyle I wouldn’t trade for anything else.

My Mission

It’s my life’s mission to guide others towards achieving their dreams and aspirations. I firmly hold the belief that everyone harbors the potential to craft a life they utterly adore, and I am beside you to ensure that becomes your reality. 

Through this blog, my experiences are shared, along with actionable insights, tips, products, and resource reviews, empowering you to: 

  • Thrive as a working-from-home dad
  • Attain your self-improvement goals
  • Create harmony between your professional and family life
  • Ignite your creative spark
  • Grow your business

My Values

I firmly uphold the transformative power of creativity, liberty, adaptability, and personal evolution. I hold fast to the value of community spirit and the magic that stems from cooperation. 

I aim to carve out a distinctive domain—a haven where individuals can gather to learn, flourish, and stand as pillars of support for each other. I aspire to nurture a dedicated lot who are zealously committed to living an extraordinary life.

Let’s do this together!

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I’m committed to aiding in the creation of the life that you’ve always dreamt of. Together, we can make it happen!